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How to create an app for my business

What is an app?

An app is a piece of software that runs on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, personal computers and integrated devices including TVs and car entertainment systems. What is important to understand about an app is that they are intended to be focused on a specific task, such as a calendar or a to-do list, or a subject, for example, a virtual storefront, a data capture tool (PAT testing, building survey, etc.) or a photo gallery. This is so they remain simple to use, require no training and are quick to install. There are no upper or lower age limits on who uses an app; Because they are easy-to-use, toddlers have apps they can use and also senior citizens use apps regularly.

Do we need a mobile app for our business?

As a decision maker or owner in a business, this is most likely the highest level question you're thinking about right now if you've considered an app. Without a doubt, investing in this strategy is going to cost money and it will take time. The time it will cost you is based on every app-stakeholder in your company, i.e., a user of the proposed app or an employee who needs to provide input to the requirements, validate their requirements are implemented correctly and test those requirements to ensure they perform without issue.

Once the app has been implemented, although your app is supported by the app-development team, it is the stakeholders who are responsible for their relevant parts of the app; ensuring it continues to work as described, that it works for all intended users as expected and to think about potential updates to add more value. But the benefits of having an app can be substantial.

What are the benefits of my business having an app

  • Global reach: Publishing an app on a global marketplace is made very simple by the likes of Apple, Google and Microsoft. If you have a product or service that can be sold beyond your local area, either nationally or globally, or if you just want to increase awareness of your business in these markets an app is a perfect partner for this goal.
  • Simplified trading: If you have something to sell, apps have a simple trading system that makes selling nationally and internationally very easy.
  • Unique selling proposition: If your competitors aren't doing this yet, now is the time to act, you could be in line for a significant increase in customers and sales.
  • Convenience drives consumers: The demands on our everyday life are increasing evermore and anything that can make our lives easier is quickly snapped up. We've seen online trading go from zero to accounting for billions of pounds of trade in a ten year period. An app on a smartphone enables its user to make a decision where they are standing so if they want to book cinema tickets, order groceries, reserve a table in a restaurant or check train times, if they have the app to do it they will use it. Rather than requiring a member of staff to make this transaction the app does it for you and increases your rate of sale while improving customer satisfaction.
  • Know your customers: In the distant past, the knowledge about who your best customers are were locked up in your sales team and took time to gather that information. Some businesses today still operate like this and are missing out. With an app installed that provides value to your customers they are generally happy to provide a small amount of information to your business to let you know how much business they do with you. With an electronic account of your spread of customers this information can be shared with all your employees and you can provide added value to your best customers.