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Web quotation system case study


A small business wanted to create a unique customer experience that would help the customer to get a statement of work (quote) more quickly. The nature of the business was to provide a bespoke service for each customer; however, they were able to break this down into a systematic workflow.


Before using this system, the customer called the company and spent over ten minutes on the phone explaining their situation. This tied up the sales team and phone lines and the experience for the customer could be improved.


The new solution involved creating a web-based user interface to capture the customers’ requirements and in the background a calculation engine developed by SOLCAMB Limited would determine the costs of line items and totals. Finally, the statement of work was sent to the customer in the form of a PDF document that was automatically created by the system and the whole transaction is stored in a database.

Agile development

The client had a vision for the final solution and had been working on a written workflow for the system for some time. They wern't experienced in software development and they weren't sure how the final product would work.

In this project we were able to provide the client with a consistently working version of their project to test the calculations were being created correctly and review the design of the customer user interface and the produced PDF. This enabled the final solution to be converged with the client’s vision during the project rather than risk diverging from that vision and requiring a timely overhaul at the end of the project.