People first

We always think about the people who will use our software.

Think of those easy-to-use apps that don’t have lengthy manuals, our philosophy is, no matter how complex the task we do what we can to make it as easy as possible.

We go about this in two ways; firstly, it’s all about understanding your business and the key people in the business that will be using the solution we create for you. Secondly, it’s about balancing the goal of creating a modern graphical user interface that should be attractive and inspiring with the need to keep the software clear and easy-to-use to all of the different people that will use the system. In a sentence, we don’t believe in style over substance but it should still look great.

Understanding you

During the early phase of a project when you’re still deciding what you want and need from your new solution, this is the perfect time to contact us.

  1. We can help you identify the initial goals for the project.
  2. Elaborate on those goals and get a list of main features for the project.
  3. Gather software and hardware requirements for the features of the project necessary to start development.

We use a workflow called user experience analysis to extract information and propose ideas for the new solution.

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Modern, easy-to-use interfaces

A stylish interface is inspiring and fun to use and is show to have a positive impact on productivity. However, a poorly laid out interface with confusing names and a non-intuitive workflow will always be difficult to use no matter how nice the icons or what font you choose.

When we talk about workflow, these are the tasks that your business needs to perform and we discover that in the early phases of the project when we get to know your business. To reduce learning time of the new system we take any existing material you have whether that’s an existing system or just pieces of paper, because this is what you already know, and then we refine the workflow with improvements so you have something you’re familiar with but still streamlined and automated.