Working with you

You need to create a piece of software for your business; however:

  1. You don’t have a software team at all.
  2. Your software team doesn’t have the necessary skills for the project.
  3. Your software team is working on other things.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, any of these statements could be true and that’s where we can help. Our largest clients are global enterprises and providing there’s enough budget to carry out the work, we can work with you no matter how big your business is.

We’ll become part of your team for the project, being the technical people in the room during conception, the development team to turn requirements into a product or service and the support team to keep it working and add new capabilities. We’re not on your payroll or on your headcount but when we’re in the room it will feel like we’re a member of your team.


When it comes to the very beginning of a project, that initial idea or business need; well, we’ve worn this t-shirt many times before. We will help your business to extract the core business goals that you want to achieve.


When you’ve set clear goals you will need to elaborate on how to achieve these goals. It’s a very fun stage of the project where you can brainstorm your wish list. If you’re trying to improve how your business runs this could be part of an inward-analysis of what we love, what we hate and what we wish we had. An outward analysis looking at your competition can similarly compare what they’re doing well and how you think you can do better.

Requirements gathering

This is where the real detail of your project is captured and is needed to calculate an accurate cost to realise it and to ensure that you know as much about what the final deliverable be before a line of code is written. Get this right and you have fewer headaches down the road.

User experience analysis

We package up the assistance we provide in the concept-elaboration-requirements gathering phases into one workflow that we call user experience analysis. This is an industry recognised method for understanding what the business needs but also what the people who will use the system want too. We care passionately that software is easy-to-use, well thought out and improves on what came before – otherwise why bother!


You may hear many buzz-words around how development should be carried out – ever heard of agile development, perhaps you think it means programming while on a treadmill?! Well some of these best-practices certainly are effective and have really improved the way software is provided to customers. However, we take a common sense approach to development and use workflows that make sense to you. One of our foremost aims is that we provide you with incremental versions of your product so you can check it along the way. You can think of it like an artist painting a picture, in the beginning you start sketching out the whole painting and the sketch progresses you get a rough idea of what the painting will become. Then follows layers of paint and detail that progressively make the painting clearer. If at any stage the painting doesn’t look like you imagined, we can change it.


When we have provided you with your new solution, we don’t walk away. If you need any help with your system, then give us a call and we’ll get right on it.

Future improvements

Software is an ever evolving thing, and you might have new ideas along the way once you have used your new system for a while. Because our solutions are custom made we can add practically any new type of feature to the system. We are looking for long term partnerships with our clients where we can continually add value to your business by evolving your solution as things change.